He was born in Germany in 1972. He went to primary and high school mostly in Germany and than one year in Ankara at Çankaya High School. To realise his childhood dream to be a doctor he studied at Ankara University Medical Faculty. His training in cardiovascular surgery was at Hacettepe University Department of Cardiovascular Surgery. In 2004 he went to Johann-Wolfgang Goethe University Department of Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery in Frankfurt/Main (Germany) with a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for further education in the field of cardiovascular surgery.

After training period he worked at Kütahya State Hospital for obligatory employment. After working there between 2006-2011 he came to Antalya Atatürk State Hospital.

In 2002 and 2005 he was employed as private medical consultant of Turkish President Ahmet Nejdet Sezer.

During his working period in Kütahya he was the first performing carotid endarterectomy, peripheral bypass surgery, aortic bypass surgery, SEPS as well as videothoracoscopic sympathectomy for Raynaud’s disease and excessive sweating. Many people from outside Kütahya and Turkey came to get their varicose veins treated by LASER technology.

In Antalya he was the first performing endovenous LASER therapy in a state hospital. He also started performing interventional vascular therapies.

Dr. Akbulut has more than 50 publications written in Turkish and internationally, he joined several national and international meetings as invited speaker. He still is going on writing scientific papers and is a referee of four scientific journals, two of them international. The only paper about epidemiology of venous insufficiency was written by Birkan Akbulut and has been published in the international journal called “Phlebology”. His workings were cited by the famous french actuality journal Passeport Santé. Additionally, he is a co-author of a national book called “Kalp ve Damar Cerrahisi” (Cardiovascular Surgery). A device to use in LASER operations was registered in his name by the Turkish Patent Institute. An “Atlas of Endovenous LASER Therapy” is the first original work in this field. Birkan Akbulut, MD is registered in the 2011 edition of  “Who’s Who In The World”.

Birkan Akbulut has very good knowledge in German and English, both written and spoken. Beyond a successfull working life he has a happy family life and is father of one child.